Screen Time and Children: Helpful or Harmful?

In this post, Dr. Cunningham discusses the developmental, educational and medical effects of screen time on children.

Prepping: What Does it Mean and Why Should Parents Do It?

Please join us in reading part one in the Happy, Healthy Children series on prepping. Learn what it means to prep and why prepping is important for happy and healthy children. Please make sure to subscribe to my free website so part two of the series automatically comes to your inbox.

What is Atrazine and Why is it in My Family’s Drinking Water?

Atrazine, an herbicide used widely around the world for farming and landscaping, seeps into the soil and water supply leading to many serious health issues. Please read this post to learn more about this problem and how to protect yourself and your loved ones from the ill-health effects of atrazine.

Sugary Treats: How Many are Your Children Actually Getting?

Hello Mommies and Daddies! Welcome back to Happy, Healthy Children with Pamela Cunningham, M.D. Thanks for reading!  I want to talk to you today about sugary treats and your children. Many of us fondly remember growing up and having dessert night with our families. Maybe your favorite was your mother’s fresh-baked pie.  Or maybe an… Continue reading Sugary Treats: How Many are Your Children Actually Getting?